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Lounge Styles for the New Year

Your living room lounge is a major focal point. When it starts to look faded and feel lumpy, it affects not only the functionality of the room, but also its comfort. Plus, that outdated sofa can really bring the whole living room down in a way that’s not so attractive.

As 2017 draws closer, there is an ideal opportunity to buy a new lounge that will refresh your living room for the new year. Today’s trends are sleek and modern, and you can rest assured that they will be here to stay for the next few years. That means you can shop with confidence after studying these lounge styles for 2017.


Leather lounges are going to be huge in the New Year. You’ll be seeing them increasingly in rich colors like coffee and chocolate, which are the perfect partners for the trend toward gold and brass metals. These plush seating arrangements are comfortable places for enjoying the big game or having a quiet conversation. Look for luxe upgrades like the ability to recline and rock for the ultimate in coziness. Pillow-soft cushioning cradles your body and provides just the right amount of support in all the right places.

Fashion-forward designers are also leaning toward flat chaise lounges in 2017. Endlessly elegant, these streamlined pieces work great in living rooms, reading nooks and master bedrooms. Expect rich, tufted upholstery in bold or dark colors to make these lounges true accent pieces that draw the eye. Metal detailing in gold or brass is going to be everywhere, but you might also like the look of natural woods. Try out a dark wood in contrast to the lighter woods that have been popular in recent years to really make these lounges pop.


It’s impossible to talk about lounge styles for 2017 without mentioning the color blue. You’ll be seeing blue absolutely everywhere in the next year. To really make the most of the trend, get yourself a covetable blue lounge that boasts sleek, modern lines. Light blue, dark blue and everything in between are going to be hot this year, and you really can’t go wrong with any shade. Cobalt and navy are bound to be especially popular because of their rich, dense, colorful look. These are also really forgiving hues when it comes to spills and stains, although you’re less likely to have difficulty with these problems in the coming year.

To make the trend even more fantastic, you’ll notice that designers are gravitating more and more toward livable fabrics. That’s because even high-end trendsetters are starting to realize that their customers need furniture that not only looks great but also is highly functional. People have kids and pets, and they need their lounges to be able to stand up to heavy use every day of the year. That means you’ll be seeing more stain-resistant and stain-proof fabrics. Some ultra-high-end designers are starting to mix polyester into their velvet fabrics so that they won’t crush as easily. You’re bound to start noticing that the trendiest lounges in 2017 are incredibly easy to live with.

Minimalism is another key trend in the new year, and it is certainly affecting lounges in a big way. You’re not going to see so many lounges with elaborate detailing and antique flair. Instead, you’ll encounter long, sleek, straight lines that cut through all the fuss. It’s an ultra-modern look that you can use to redesign your entire living room.

With minimalism, you’ll never see a superfluous line, but that doesn’t mean that these lounges have to be boring. They are visually dynamic, and they leave nothing to be desired when it comes to comfort. With extremely soft fabrics and supportive cushioning, they have everything you need to enjoy a movie or a long nap without getting a kink in your neck.


The 2017 minimalism trend works well with the movement toward the styles of the 1960s and 1970s. Mid-century modern touches are certain to be seen in lounge styles for the new year. This is the ideal time to try out a really bright color like aquamarine or pink, which is also destined to be incredibly hot in the new year. Alternatively, choose a more muted color like brown, and then accent the room with lime green lamps and a rug with a complimentary geometric pattern. In fact, geometric patterns are likely to be huge in 2017, so if you’re feeling really adventurous, go ahead and have that minimalist lounge upholstered in something truly daring.

A lounge can become an incredible focal point in any room. In 2017, you’ll see rich browns and bold colors with some nice, natural wood accents. Keep in mind that fashions in metal are moving toward gold and brass rather than silver and copper. Add at least a little blue into your interior decor mix and drift toward the minimalism side to preserve a sense of calm and confidence in every room in your house.

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